While following up with one of my early clients, we found that after 18 months or so some of the original anxieties were starting to return. I pull out our notes and ran through the priorities he had set for regular activities and projects – cause was immediately clear – he had ticked most of the boxes. A reassessment highlighted new priorities and all was well.

Now it’s happened again, but this time we were ready.

Reflecting on the experience parallels can be drawn with the job changes during a first career – promotions in the same company or a change of employer can impact many aspects of life – as can marriage, children, moving etc. Each time there is a period of adjustment until new norms emerge.

In second careers you are in charge and its you who decides. That could be when a project is complete, when it is time to volunteer or when it is time to stop. When change happens it is important to get up on the bridge and look at the overall picture, what other changes are needed to restore the balance in your life? Take charge and ‘normal service’ is soon restored!