Talking about death can be a catalyst for unusual discussions – and occasionally inspirational revelations.

Some people are great planners putting considerable thought into their own demise while others, like one relative, a top class hoarder, simply shrugged and said ‘well, it won’t be my problem’. There are some that seek to exercise ‘intrusive control’ from beyond the grave and others who wreck havoc on the lives of their loved ones by giving the subject no thought at all.

I encourage everyone to not only think about their own death, but also act for a number of reasons:

– it might have a profound effect on the decisions you make before you die – and so improve quality of life now
– If you do nothing then the biggest winner is the tax man followed by a shed load of ‘advisers’ who make a good living benefiting from your neglect. Finally
– Your friends and family, like them or not, they are left doing your work – often for no reward

Is that the legacy for which you wish to be remembered?