Mention Charles Darwin and more than likely you think about his book – The Origin of Species – it can be summarised in just five words – ‘the survival of the fittest’.

Most people think of Darwinian evolution as being a slow process that happens over millions of years so you may be surprised to learn that today there is one species on earth that, in Darwinian terms, is evolving faster than the speed of light. Even more surprising is that the species is us – man.

So what is this change?…. and how can something so dramatic be happening almost unnoticed? – increasing life expectancy.

According to UN research in little more than a generation global life expectancy at birth for humans has increased by over 50%.   Mankind took over four and a half billion years to evolve at Darwinian speed and then suddenly we have to adapt to living 50% longer – that’s a big ask!

It is also why Darwin’s key observation – survival of the fittest – is so important and why we set up EML.  If, as an individual, a business or a government, you want to thrive in this evolutionary maelstrom you need to understand it – the trends, what is important (and what’s not), what is about to break and most importantly what you can do about it.

Building on 10 years of research into the impact of living longer EML identified six aspects of life that appear to differentiate evolutionary winners from the rest.  As the great man himself noted these differences are not huge but managed collectively they make all the difference.

What are they?

  • Keeping active
  • Optimizing health
  • Maintaining relationships
  • Managing money
  • Valuing possessions
  • Embracing change

…. but most important, more is not necessarily better. Key to becoming ‘fit’ for living longer is the ability to establish and maintain the right balance for you across all six areas.

There are many excellent organisations focused on assisting people with these different aspects of life but few look at the overall picture. EML is one. Why is this important? – because it provides clients with clarity of purpose and the motivation to act.

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