When one of my first coaching clients returned, 18 months later, saying that the feeling of being ‘lost’ was returning, it turned out to be good news. Many of the goals he had set had been achieved and it was time to revisit his priorities and set new goals. It is this process I would like to explore. When we revisited the priorities that were set in each area many of the lower ones were no longer important – the moment had passed – and they were replaced with others.

Striking out these goals had implications for some possessions. Those items that had been carefully kept because ‘one day’ they would be used. Taking the decision that that ‘one day’ was never coming meant those items should go often freeing up space, both mental and literal, for the new priorities.

Recently there was a car show that visited people who hoarded wrecks in the belief that ‘one day’ they would get around to fixing them up. In the series the favourite car was selected while the rest of the yard was cleared to free space and raise money to restore the chosen vehicle – it transformed lives. We can all do it – you need to set the strategic direction and then line up everything to achieve it – Good Luck!