When you live through exceptional times it’s always interesting to work out the long term legacies. I lived through a run on the banks in Hong Kong, the Bishopsgate bomb and was a passenger on the last commercial flight out of the Middle East before the Gulf war.
In Hong Kong the strong banks openly helped others struggling with liquidity and, as a result saw a flood of deposits;the Bishopsgate bomb saw unprecedented cooperation between financial organisations as they United to protect the City while the Gulf war saw the arrival of long haul flights without stop overs.

The current pandemic will have its own legacies, here are a few I’ve spotted:

Working from home is now acceptable and the impact could be massive
– an end to rush hour commuting
– Demand for a different type of property with space for a home office
– Demand for rural properties with more space

Travel will be highly prized and truly appreciated

A new generation of restaurants will emerge as ‘eating out’ once again becomes a real treat

Home delivery is now the new norm with same day or next day arrival the new gold standard

Space is a valued commodity – decluttering is an essential skill

Ultra fast broadband is every bit as important as an electricity supply or running water. Ours dropped out for five minutes last Wednesday morning and family life ground to a halt!

What else have you spotted?