As we start the long journey out of lock down it’s hard not to speculate about how our lives will have changed. One area of great concern is mental health – because so many groups are affected. Children kept off school to the elderly locked in their care home and practically every group in between – the truth is that we just don’t know.

In a world fully of uncertainties let’s start the re-build with what we do know

– Early indications are that the vaccine roll out is working – but expect bumps along the way
– Once the UK population is protected we need to help others – this is simply enlightened self-interest. We are a global trading nation and need the markets
– Access to high speed internet is rapidly becoming a human right as the digital world affects almost every aspect of our lives
– Tackling the pandemic has come at huge cost – that we will be paying for for decades
– Societal priorities are changing with Climate change taking centre stage
– Retailing has changed forever – even if local authorises have yet to catch up! Exorbitant High street shop rates, parking restrictions and car parking charges are simply hastening the demise
– The way we work has changed – from where we work to how you find a job, everything is different
– Selecting our dream property now has different priorities with home office space and high speed broadband being top of the most wanted list
– Networking is now a vital core skill – unable to interview, when a company needed new talent during the pandemic they contacted people they knew – former interns and temporary staff suddenly found the phone ringing