EML works with clients as they navigate their way through two challenging life stages – the move from education to the world of work and later, when their primary career comes to a close and, often for the first time, they can decide what’s next.

There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of watching as the mist clears and confidence grows. Initial tentative steps are swiftly replaced by bold, often life changing decisions. Suddenly there is no time to waste and, having made decisions, it’s time to get on with action.

However, what is life-changing for one person can have unexpected consequences for others. Those close to you, who know the person you were, will expect you to behave in the way you always have. Start to act differently, with clarity, focus and purpose, and they will wonder what has happened. Take decisions that adversely affect them and they will encourage you to return to being the person you were.

Taking charge of living longer is, however, more than this; its about taking a series of bold decisions, all with the same clarity, focus and purpose, that together takes your life, and the lives of those around you, in a totally different direction. Taking charge can be scary, and sometimes involves admitting you got it wrong, but as well only have one life to live, it is far better to live life on your terms, rather than the life someone else wants you to live. Enjoy!