Have you ever thought ‘why do all the good things happen to them? – they are so lucky’?!

The chances are they don’t feel quite to same way about their own ‘luck’. What they have learnt through experience is sometimes called to Rule of Large Numbers. Simply put, if you keep doing enough things, some will work, some won’t and every now and then something will work particularly well. Those are the ones that others see – and not the other activities that, in one way or another, contributed to that spectacular success. In the theatre they talk about spending years in the chorus so you can become an’ overnight’ success. Writers don’t mention their decades in obscurity once they produce a best seller.

The same holds true for you. Whatever you do, don’t expect it to be an ‘instant success’. Instead, keep at it. Some things will work, some won’t, and every now and then you will be an overnight sensation! When that happens enjoy the moment – you’ve earned it!