It was Rose Tremain who warned ‘Life is not a dress rehearsal’ – one of many other quotes in a similar vein, each warning us to make the most of the life we have, as there are no second chance.

As mankind embarks on the twenty first century this challenge has never been greater. We are changing almost as quickly as the world around us, rendering the lessons of the past irrelevant and predictions for the future groundless. So prevalent are they now that it is hard to believe the first iPad was only launch just six years ago in March 2010.

 Wouldn’t it be great if we could have a dress rehearsal for life. We could take all the important life decisions, see the consequences and, if we didn’t like the outcome, go back and do it again. Through practice we build understanding and when we understand something we tend to make better decisions.

That’s what EML does. With over a decades experience working in the field we know what may seem important and what really is important and we help clients distinguish between the two.

On our website you will find guides sharing this insight but experience has shown time and again that while knowing the facts is a good start, alone it is not enough. One client in the finance sector reports that over 80% of their prospective clients – those who they know will benefit from their advice – still decide to do nothing.

Our challenge is to get your clients to act.

Sharing insight into how their world is changing is often enough to grab their interest, we then personalize their experience through quizzes, games and challenges before putting them in the driving seat by asking them to advise someone else.

The advice they are giving – often as a team – is set within a simulation that over time covers all the important life decisions – and allows them to see the consequences of their advice.  This is their dress rehearsal. Through it they develop better understanding and that in turn inspires them with the confidence to act.

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