A couple of months ago a good friend was enjoying a days shooting on a farm in middle England, close to nowhere in particular. Without notice, and to the surprise of those around him, he keeled over and was clearly in a bad way. An ambulance was called – but where exactly were they?

One of the helpers had a new App on their phone called ‘What3words’. Someone (with far too much time on their hands) has divided the world up into squares measuring 3 x 3 metres and assigned each a random selection of three words. Ask your phone where you are and it will give you the words that identifies your exact location. The ambulance service now use this service and within 12 minutes both paramedics and ambulance arrived to care for my friend. His condition was serious, but he is now on the mend thanks, in part, to a relative stranger deciding to try a new service.

Much of the time we look at new developments and decide against them. The decision is yours, what is important is that you take the time to assess and evaluate so the decision you take is ‘informed’