Psychologists will tell you that teenagers have a pre-disposition to experiment – they are natural ‘risk takers’. The logical part of their brain may be aware of the potential dangers, but they do it anyway.

Often we hear about the negative side of such actions, but there is also a positive side – they are testing boundaries – mostly their own – but also those of the world in which they live. This is part of growing up and an important stage on the development their own personality.

With adulthood come responsibilities and the predisposition to experiment is tempered. As children grow older (and start experimenting for themselves!) a ‘second childhood’ may appear; then comes the empty nest and routines of life are established. It is now, especially now, it is important to remain open minded and ’embrace change’.

For earlier generations 60 may have signified the arrival of ‘retirement’ and entry in to the last phase of life. Anyone reaching 60 today can, on average, expect to live another 30 years – giving up on life at 60 is a good way to ensure an unhappy few decades.

Think how life has changed over the last 30 years 1986 – no internet, 4 TV channels, a woman Prime Minister was a novelty!

Embrace all life has to offer and it will embrace you back.