Visiting an elderly relative at their care home I was greeted by staff at the door – fully masked and gloved – saying that their outbreak of Covid was getting worse. I decided to go in, say hello and just carry out the essential work I had come to do. Having donned mask and gloves I retrieved the hearing aid and retreated to the car. On my return I heard that my relative had just tested positive, so I said farewell and left.

Three days later it was clear that my precautions were not sufficient – and my world stopped. Retreating to a corner of the house I avoided contact with the family and found I could do – nothing. No texts, no emails, no calls – no energy – there was plenty I should be doing, but nothing happened.

Four days later I started to re-join the human race and realised the extent of this ‘all stop’. I was not prepared for such a sudden stop. While I was quickly able to pick up the pieces the incident is a timely reminder that, if the stop had been any longer, my friends and family would be left to pick up the pieces.

Time for a little planning…..