This evening I met someone making the transition from their ‘first career’ to what follows next with ease – it was wonderful. Their first career involved setting up and running a company and the transition included closing it down and drawing a line. Although this has taken time all seems to have gone well and they are looking forward to the next phase of life with relish.

Their big challenge was finding time to play with all the recently acquired ‘toys’. Standing in their new ‘seaside escape’ second home they talked of the new motor home, a holiday followed by a cruise. They have every intention of enjoying life to the full – and why not?

The only thing missing was ‘balance’. It harks back to being a child on Christmas day. The presents have all been opened and there they are, all calling out to be played with – where do you start? The secret to making the most of living longer is realising that there may be more time than you think. UK life expectancy is now over 80 and if you have made it through to 60 without serious illness the number is higher. Think quality not quantity – enjoy each ‘toy’ to the full and when you’re ready – move on to the next.

But what a nice problem to have!