A red letter day is defined as ‘any day of special significance’. The practice has Biblical roots with important days being written in red. It then extended to the Courts and Universities when the judiciary and scholars wore their dress robes on important days. In recent times this has been extended to include any day that is special and memorable.

A friend’s son has recently exchanged contracts and will soon own his first property, for him, without doubt, this will be a ‘Red letter Day’.

EML’s research highlights six key aspects of life; I’m struck by how these all feature in this Red Letter event.

Keeping Active: Exchange of contracts is like firing a starting gun – suddenly there are a thousand things to be done for the first time – insurance, rates, utilities, lawyers, finance etc

Maintaining Relationships: suddenly there are a raft of new relationships – the professional relationships are transitory yet important. There are new neighbours to meet, family and friends to share the excitement.

Managing Finances: Big time! Not just finding the deposit but taking on a mortgage, paying rates, insurance and utilities, buying furniture and all those things a new household needs!

Valuing Possessions: A first house is all about assembling a ‘starter pack’ of possessions. Things that have been taken for granted previously suddenly need to be acquired. Buying new is expensive while family and friends are often happy to pass on their ‘second best’ spare whatever!

Optimising Health: Moving house is recognized as being one of the top five causes of stress. Sleepless nights are the norm either through excitement or worry and when you do sleep it is often through exhaustion.

And finally…. Embracing Change: arriving at your first home is the start of a whole new chapter of life – pretty much everything is changing.

If I can offer one piece of advice – embrace it and enjoy every minute – this is your Red Letter day