I went to the Surrey reading of the Proclamation last Sunday – an event that hasn’t happened in over 70 years. It was a wonderful ‘historic’ occasion that spreads the news of the death of one Monarch and the accession of a new one. At its conclusion scrolls are handed the the mayors of Surrey towns and Chairs of local Parish Councils so that they can spread the word.

On Wednesday I received, by Social media, an invitation to the Woking reading of the Proclamation – unfortunately the event had taken place at 3.30pm on Sunday, just a couple of hours after the Surrey event.

While news of the Queen’s death may have flashed around the world in seconds, it seems that Britain already had in place a pretty good communication system.

EML are great advocates of ‘embracing change’, it is important however that, in doing so, you don’t overlook all that is good about what you already have.