Give yourself a little bounce….!

When the family was younger we had a trampoline – complete with a safety net that made it look like an old fashioned gas tower. For many years it gave immense enjoyment, for bouncing on, camping under and even as a playground for the cats. As our young children grew up the lure of the trampoline lessens while, as resident grass cutter, the task of moving it across the garden weekly remained.

We held on to it for far too long but recently it went. Our initial eBay listing attracted a token offer which the buyer never followed up, so I was less than hopeful for the re-listing. How wrong I was! Last minute bidding saw an offer 10 times the earlier offer but far, far more important was the wonderful family who turned up early to collect. Mum, who had done the bidding and managed correspondence, and her daughter were off at a dance competition, so dad and their young son were despatched to pick it up.

The moment I opened the door I was greeted by a broad smile and they couldn’t get it loaded fast enough. Assembly instructions were not needed as they had just dismantled their much smaller one so they know what was required and what to expect. A final wave and they were off.

A few quid is always welcome and mowing the lawn is easier, but the real satisfaction comes from giving the trampoline new purpose and a young family immense pleasure!