Today feels like it has been a good day and I’m wondering why? This is important because, if I can work out what has made it a good day, I can work towards ensuring I have them more often!

There has been no one big event – if there had then it may have been a ‘great day’ and they don’t happen too often. Instead, I think it’s about progress – not with any one event but rather small wins right across a range of activities and with that comes positive contact with a wide range of friends.

It’s not necessarily about ‘good news’ – some of what was covered today was anything but good, but the people I spoke to were positive and supportive and they left me with a feeling of hope – not that it will go away, but that together we will get through it.

Reflecting on EML’s six key areas (Relationships, Possessions, Activity, Health, Change and Money) I realise that, by chance, progress (to some degree) has been made across the board – maybe that’s the secret to having a good day