When coaching others there is one question that is always asked at some point – inevitably!

The short answer is ‘yes’ I do follow my own advice and, as a result, the last decade has been more rich and varied than I could ever have imagined and, more importantly, there is so much more that I still want to do!

While I feel firmly in the driving seat and charting my progress this is not a solo voyage and much of what has happened in the last decade has been dictated by others, but with my full support and agreement. Parents growing old, children growing up friends facing life changing moments, it has been a privilege to be there with them through heartache and happiness.

Property ownership has been a constant source of learning. In the old days, when something went wrong I had just one job to do – pay the bill! Now I investigate, find out how it works, and determine what is wrong. Sometimes I pay the bill, sometimes I buy a spare part or a new tool. Thanks to the You-Tube you can find out how most things work and gain a better understanding and respect for the skills and experience others bring to the repair.

While I enjoy doing what I can myself I am also much more relaxed to pay an expert to do jobs I don’t have the time, skills or interest to do myself.