Many of us remember the Thomas books with great affection, either from our own childhood or by reading them to our children. The Fat Controller was the man in charge – not the evil ‘factory owner’, but an authority figure, the one who sorts it all out when things go wrong.

At EML we encourage clients to be their own Fat Controller and, in addition to transforming their own lives, make a difference to the lives of those who are important to them. During our working lives – our first careers – we ‘provide for our growing family’, but being a Fat Controller is different, it is making a difference to the lives of others because we want to, not because we must. Think of it as becoming a mentor – a close confidant. Who you mentor is down to you – it could be family, friends, colleagues – or someone introduced to you by an organisation – you decide.

The important thing is the difference you make to their lives. When it goes well you enjoy their success – ‘bathe in reflected glory’ but getting there takes hard work. Once in a while along the journey all your mentees, be they family, friends or colleagues, are hard at work building their future success and you have a moments peace – this is the quiet satisfaction of the Fat Controller