One of the take aways from our Transitions coaching programme are two priority lists – one of your most important activities and the other your most important projects. In determining what ‘makes the cut’ we always ensure a balance across all areas of life.

18 months after completing the programme one client commented that they were once again feeling lost so we schedules a chat. In preparation for the meeting I pulled out the priority lists we have prepared previously and within 10 minutes of meeting up we had determined the problem – almost every item had been ticked!

The solution was simple, we revisited the original lists we had prepared for each life area. Some lower priority items were elevated for action while others simply crossed through as being no longer relevant.

As we emerge from lockdown other clients might well be facing the same challenges. Not because their lists are complete simply that current restriction may influence their priorities. Travel plans, for instance, are largely on hold while rationalising your possessions may have taken on increased significance – particularly if you need the space!

The important thing to recognise is that these are simply tactical changes. Learning to adapt allows you to make the most of any – and every – situation