One key life skill identified by EML over a decade ago was the ability to embrace change. It emerged from our focus group work with octogenarians who highlighted it as essential to enjoying a longer life.

Over the last week I have watched as family, friends, colleagues and neighbours have transformed their lives in ways that were inconceivable just a fortnight ago. I’ve watched engineers from big business and those working in their garden shed turned their collective might to providing ventilators. School workshops are now producing protective equipment for NHS staff and I have no doubt that science labs across the country will rise to today’s challenge of producing testing kits.

Closer to home I spent much of last week emptying my diary as the events that once provided structure to my routine. This week many of them are back – but in a digital format! My Pilates class was first cancelled, then reinstated as a test event and now is full to capacity – all in a week. Business meetings are back – held on-line while social gatherings are being restructured – we’re currently planning an on-line quiz for 100 participants!

As we emerge from this (and we will) I am in no doubt that our world will have changed. Working from home may well be the new norm. Investment in our road network may be switched to rolling out broadband, we are already more confident communicating on-line and Zoom may be the next Amazon.

Whatever our world looks like, I’m in no doubt that it will belong to those who successfully embraced the change!

Take care and stay safe in these changing times