Embracing change is probably the most unexpected of the six key life areas identified by EML’s research. Managing money links to avoiding poverty, maintaining relationships to loneliness, valuing possessions to hoarding and so on, but the link for embracing change is less obvious.

Wishing to live in the past is a natural tendency as we get older. ‘Back then’ changes were seen as progress and something to be embraced but with increasing age it is harder to adapt, and the benefits are less obvious. The 50% increase in global life expectancy over the last 50 years has left a generation who didn’t expect to be alive struggling to understand a digital world.

To avoid this particular pitfall I recently signed up to a social media for business course. It attracted a broad range of local entrepreneurs keen to learn how to raise their ‘on-line profile’. I’ve written this blog for nearly five years and while it attracts a modest following, I wanted to know how to reach a bigger audience. Over the weeks the mysteries of the digital world were explained, we looked at different platforms, their uses and to make them work for us. I now know what I need to do and its time to get on and do it!