As we approach Christmas the annual marathon of giving and receiving cards has already started – and I continue to object! Not in a ‘Scrudge-like’ manner – rejecting the Spirit of Christmas in it’s entirety, but in a more selective way – the giving and receiving of cards to people we see all year round – what is the point?!

I’m all in favour of staying in touch with more distant family and friends by card, and for them the inclusion of a tasteful (not boastful) newsletter is a great way to sustain the relationship – but no for those you see throughout the year – they already know!

Presents too, have gone too far – for me the mantra is fun, practical, useful and modest. I think the late Queen was spot on – setting the challenge of finding something that will amuse and delight – for less than £10.00. All the festive fun without the financial hangover.

While I love a good party do we really need to cram them in to the weeks just before Christmas? There they become a cross between a marathon and an assault course – who can make it all the way through to Christmas day?!

Whatever you plan to do this Christmas make sure you enjoy every moment – because if you are then I suspect those around you will be doing the same!