If you’re like me you will know that the on-line world is an increasingly important part of life today and that you really should embrace it – and I will – ‘one day’.

The trouble is that there is always something more important to do (almost anything seems more important!) but ‘that day’ is probably already been and gone so I need to start playing ‘catch-up’.

This morning I was looking at the on-line profile of a professional tennis player and sophistication yet simplicity of their site struck a chord.  There no clumsy attempts to boast about a life-style, no inappropriate photographs and no inane chatter.  Instead there was a well crafted and engaging web-site that gave you up to date facts, professional photographs, a career synopsis and a section covering the high profile sponsors and ongoing philanthropic activities.  Here was someone who understood the importance of their ‘on-line’ image and used it to mirror, support and enhance their real world value.

No I’m no professional tennis player and I don’t have the sort of help that they had to manage my ‘on-line’ image.  However I am increasingly aware that people are looking for me ‘on-line’ so I really ought to know what they see, and if I don’t like it, then now is the time to do something about it