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All change…

EML’s expertise is in understanding the opportunities and challenges emerging from us all living longer – yet living longer is just one of a series of seismic changes that together are changing the very essence of life.  These include: – Global GDP per head increasing 10 fold in the last 100 years – Human life […]

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A wooden toothbrush

A wooden toothbrush EML covered the full spectrum from the largest global issues to the trivial and apparently insignificant – it is amazing how they are connected.  Living longer (where we focus) is interrelated with a vast range of of other changes that collectively shout ‘the way we live life is changing – very fast […]

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Self indulgence or esssential preparation?

Do you suffer from the deep seated puritanical strictures that we so often put on ourselves?  If so, you are not alone… EML coach clients going through some of the biggest changes in their lives at a time when all the certainties we once knew no longer hold true, and yet some clients feel that […]

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Our biggest challenge – Cognitive Bias

  In a rapidly changing world trusting your ‘instincts’ may not always be the best option. While I normally put great store by ‘human instinct’ I am increasingly aware that it is also my biggest challenge.  When coaching clients we find a comfortable spot and spend time talking through what’s important to them.  We make […]

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Learning from history

As a rule the human race is not great at learning from history.  We often are reluctant to learn from others – either because we don’t want to or we wait until it’s too late.  Speak to any doctor, they spend half their day telling patients to look after their health and the other half […]

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One of the best jobs in the world….

EML’s mission is to help people make the most of living longer Longevity (the term for humans living longer) is a global phenomenon and is behind much of the structural change that is re-shaping life today. The more you understand about these changes the better equipped you are to make the most of this extraordinary […]

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