Keeping the dream….

While the pandemic and resulting lockdown has put many of our plans ‘on-hold’ I encourage you not to abandon them completely, but instead review them in the light of our changed reality.

Planning is at the heart of EML’s coaching programmes. Thinking carefully about what you want from different aspects of life and then working through a plan to make them happen. In doing this you take control of your life and stop being bounced from pillar to post by others. The important thing is to have a plan and, because it’s your plan, you can change it if and when you decide a change is necessary.

One client wanted a career in rail so that’s what we set out to achieve. His current role was in a different area so our plan was to stay there until he was ready to move. Knowing he would be moving soon emboldened him to speak up at work and the more he did so the more he was valued. Some weeks later he secured not one but two offers to move to a career in rail. After careful consideration he turned them both down and is now happy and very successful in his chosen career.

The pandemic is forcing us all to re-evaluate our plans but remember – you remain in charge – you can decide to change the order that events happen – but if they are important to you – keep the dream alive!