The global increase in human life expectancy over the last 50 years has been extraordinary. A 50% increase is attributable to many things – improving in medical care, rising living standards, improved sanitation and much more. Whatever the cause the end result in that the fastest growing demographic in our world is people 65 and older. Over the last few years this ageing trend looked so well established that it was easy to think that it would continue unchecked.

Nature however, had other ideas and stepped in to remind us who really is boss. Coronavirus is new and frightening. Looking at the early analysis emerging from China the demographic most at risk are men over 60 with one or more underlying health issues.

While I offer no ‘quick fix’ solutions for the current outbreak never have there been a better reason for this new demographic to make the time to optimise their health. There is no guarantee of good health in later life but the biggest regret I hear from octogenarians is one of self-imposed poor health. Excess weight leading to diabetes, smoking causing respiratory failure, lack of exercise and more.

Do something about it now and not only do you improve your chances of living beyond 90, the quality of your life will be much better.