I was wondering what to cover in this week’s blog when I noticed in my emails an old favourite ‘Your TV licence payment has not been processed please give us you bank details and password so we can empty your account from the other side of the world’

At a time we are all struggling to adapt to a new reality, when a TV is a lifeline, some completely heartless ************s are trying to catch out the unsuspecting and make a bad situation much worse.

One of our core themes at EML is Embracing Change – that ability to critically evaluate new and different ideas and decide what works for you and what will improve your life. With so many people rushing to develop their on-line skills, be it email, Skype or whatever, these scammers are looking to cash in by creating fear. It is more important than ever to critically evaluate what you hear, what you read and what you see. Misinformation is not limited to the internet, someone with a shed load of garlic to shift has started a rumour that garlic helps fight the virus and the shed is empty.

When the pound coin was first introduced it carried an inscription around the side – ‘Caveat Emptor’ – Buyer Beware – never has there been more relevant warning in these uncertain times!

Stay safe

Written by John Small

John’s business career started in the technology sector working with ICL and Fujitsu before moving to International Finance where organisational change and development has been a constant theme.