A big part of making the transition from your first career to the next is taking charge. First careers are characterised by families and debt. Most people work for a pay cheque and time is at a premium – ‘so much to do’ if only there was the time and money.

At the next stage of life there is no boss, you are in charge and it is all about what you do with your time and money. Some will need to keep working for a pay cheque. Their challenge is to find a role, possibly very different to what they had been doing, one that they really enjoy, yet pays enough to pay the bills.

If you are one of the lucky ones with both time and money the challenge is what you do with them both. For some this can be a terrifying prospect. They may have spent decades looking out of the window dreaming of what they would do when they had the time and the money but when that moment arrives they rush around putting up barriers – all the reasons why they can’t realise their dreams. Governments love this as it means that these people opt to die wealthy and so pay the voluntary tax called Inheritance tax.

I think about their grandchildren who one day will ask ‘what did my grandparents do with the money they had?’

How will you answer them?