The world around us is changing at an unprecedented rate and it is clear that many organisations we encounter are really struggling to adapt to what, for today at least, are the new ‘norms’

I written previously about my experience dealing with Financial Services organisation that manage to embrace the whole spectrum from ‘struggling badly’ to ‘fully adapted’ within the same offices. I write again because chaos reigns. Covid is now the ‘excuse of choice’ for poor service. For commercial organisations we must wait for market forces to come in to play. New providers, better adjusted to the new realities will appear and win your business.

The challenge is when dealing with those organisations where there is no choice. Government bodies (central and local) take comfort from hiding behind the Covid fall out. Rather than driving through the adaptations needed it is far easier to sit back and say ‘Sorry, Covid’ with a shrug.

I wish I had a solution – I don’t, but I do find it incredibly frustrating !