Once again I’ve been reminded of that simple truth – you can’t start planning your way forward until you know where you are!

Over the years I’ve worked with clients who have come up with an amazing array of reasons for not taking that first important step. Here are a few of the excuses used.

‘No, I don’t want to include that…’ (or I may see the whole picture)
‘We’ve already done that….’ (what we did 10 years ago will still be relevant)
‘I have someone who does that for me….’ (they took their fee and are long gone)
I just need to do this first… (there is always something more urgent)
It’s not my problem…. (why should I care – I’ll be dead)
You simply can’t rely on that… (I know I’m due to inherit everything – but I might not)

There are plenty more but they tend to be variations on these themes – it’s amazing how many people believe that by looking at their current position and planning for the future in some way they are tempting fate.

For all you people I offer two rays of hope

1. Its easier than you might imagine
2. Once done (whatever the outcome) you will find you have transformed your life!

To big claims but I have plenty of evidence to back them up