This week we had the pump changed on our central heating. I was conscious that the old pump was getting louder, even though it continued to work. During the annual service the engineer said the bearings were going so, ahead of the winter rush I commissioned a new pump.

Before the appointed day the engineer messaged to say that his colleague would be doing the work (never a good sign). The work went well and the colleague left saying that there was ‘air in the system’ but if I bleed the radiators all would be well. I bleed them – again and again – all evening but more air just appeared. At 4.30 am the next morning the boiler switched on and the house sounded like the final moments of the Titanic sinking. Jumping out of bed to switch it off I decided to share the moment with the engineer who, to his credit, arrived at 8.00 am with his colleague to fix matters – which they did.

What has this to do with embracing change? – plenty. When change is needed we generally know, even if we may seek to avoid it! The change process seldom runs smooth so ‘expect the unexpected’ while always keeping in mind the long term goal. Eventually you see the benefits!

Written by John Small

John’s business career started in the technology sector working with ICL and Fujitsu before moving to International Finance where organisational change and development has been a constant theme.