Q – How do you eat an elephant? A – A bit at a time.

This equally applies to coaching – particularly the way that we do it.

At EML we take a holistic approach to coaching at every level, and that can result in a raft of actions across all areas of life. The outcome is that, after an initial flurry of activity as clients establish focus and complete the ‘easy wins’, further progress may be more measured.

Results may be slower but I believe they are more meaningful. Progress is towards those important goals and the effort is spread widely across different areas of life. Some might argue it is better to focus on just one area and delivery significant progress in a short time frame. While this will work in the short term ignoring other areas can prove counter-productive and actually slow overall progress.

I find there is significant, and often complementary, overlap between areas and by building on this overlap success breeds success. Finding activity that is meaningful and rewarding means you enjoy what you are doing and will perform better. If you enjoy what you are doing then others see it and respond positively. Being active at work and socially may result in improved health, which in turn may further improve performance. Doing well at work may lead to a pay rise which in turn pays for the other areas – and so the virtuous circle continues.

Eating an elephant doesn’t look so difficult after all!