When I tell people I help clients to make the most of living longer I’m sometimes met with a quizzical look – ‘is that about retirement planning?’ No!

As we all live longer the natural rhythms of life are changing – at every stage. Our children are spending longer in education, staying at home longer, they marry later, having families later, buying property later; their parents are expected to work longer and even though they are retiring later they still have the prospect of a long and relatively healthy later life.

Many of the political issues currently being debated have emerged as ‘the system’ struggles to adapt to these new norms – the NHS was never designed to cope with the needs of a growing number of elderly, the state pension was never intended to support so many in retirement, whatever your politics the numbers just don’t add up!

Making the most of living longer is about recognising these changes and then, as far as possible, doing all that you can to stack the odds in your favour.

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