As you emerge from lock-down listen out for some amazing stories – there are many to choose from.

From the news headlines you would be forgiven for thinking that whole the country had retreated inside the safety of their own home and are only now emerging. Not so. There have been many thousands of brave dedicated soles who resisted the temptation to head indoors and instead have remained at their station, not only keeping the country going but also moving us all forward at an incredible pace. You will hear people say that we are emerging into a ‘new normal’ and we are, thanks to the resourcefulness, dedication creativity and tenacity of these unsung heros. Here are a few examples:

Our shops, and those who supply them, have ridden the storm of panic buying to meet our demand for toilet paper, baked beans and whatever else Twitter claimed was in short supply. Factories – already working at optimum efficiency, have re-structured and reorganised to produce more – sometimes much more.

Our telecoms network has proved its resilience as business, entertainment and education all moved on-line in unison. They told us they had 10 times spare capacity, and then found they needed every single megabit as they accommodated demand doubling, then doubling again and again – we won’t be going back.

Our emergency services have shown their best – not so much the front line heroes who have been rightly lauded, but the thousands of people in the back office who make the who public service machine work. They have coped with staff shortages and social distancing and kept the wheels turning.

Having seen just what we are capable of you should expect the ‘new normal’ to be quite a change

Written by John Small

John’s business career started in the technology sector working with ICL and Fujitsu before moving to International Finance where organisational change and development has been a constant theme.