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Embracing change

Of the six life skills critical to success in later life embracing change is often seen as the most challenging.  Why?  Well at one level it is self evident – the world is changing so rapidly that we are constantly evolving and adapting just to keep up – over time that takes its toll. Perhaps […]

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While I am a huge Apple fan I am increasingly concerned with a fundamental flaw in their products – the description. It started with the i-Phone. This product was always far more than just a phone but 10 years on ‘making a call’ doesn’t even feature in the top 10 uses for the device. Then […]

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The Elephant in the Room

I was recently a guest at a STEMX award ceremony (they are the folks who encourage young people into careers in science and technology). It was an inspiring venue with the awards being presented by local dignitaries, resplendent in their chains of office. The messages too were upbeat and encouraging – you’re wanted, you’re needed […]

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WIIFM (Whats in it for me?)

If you are part of the post – millennial generation (born after 1997) then the world you are inheriting has been just through a period of unprecedented change – the impact of which we are only now starting to appreciate.  Your challenge today is to work out what those changes are, how they impact your […]

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At University I studied business with a particular interest in entrepreneurs.  I loved to hear their stories – the journey they followed to create their business empires. One comment I heard frequently was that these people already knew the business results long before the accountants had finished adding up the numbers. Asked how and the […]

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Valuing possessions in a digital age

In little more than a couple of generations the developed world has gone from the ‘have not’ to the ‘have’ to the ‘have too much’. Our value system, which is past down from generation to generation, has yet to catch up. Post war austerity was rapidly followed by mass-market production in the 1960s and that […]

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