Understanding Living Longer

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Give them credit…

When discussing living longer with teaching staff I sometimes encounter a defensive response along the lines – ‘I’m not comfortable with the idea of telling our students that they are going to have to work longer – they won’t understand’ to which my answer is ‘Give them credit…’ I work with many people making the […]

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Building Networks

The international business I worked for had an extraordinary chairman, a man with the ambition and charisma to build it to be one of the top 10 FTSE stocks. He took a great interest in our graduate recruits and, whenever he could, would speak to them during their 12 week training programme. Before they met […]

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Education for All

Living longer is changing almost every aspect of life from the age of our parents when we are born through to the number of generations we can expect to meet before we die (the current record is six). There is one area is set to change more than most – education.

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