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A wooden toothbrush

A wooden toothbrush EML covered the full spectrum from the largest global issues to the trivial and apparently insignificant – it is amazing how they are connected.  Living longer (where we focus) is interrelated with a vast range of of other changes that collectively shout ‘the way we live life is changing – very fast […]

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The Magic Money Tree

During the recent election campaign debate Amber Rudd poked fun at Jeremy Corbin by suggesting that his policies were funded from a mystical ‘Magic Money Tree’.   As it turns out she was far closer to the truth than she might imagine. Unlike us, governments do have access to a ‘magical money tree’ of sorts – […]

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A decision I wouldn’t like to face….

Today the NHS employs over a million people and costing more than £2 billion per week to run. In every year since it started medical inflation has outstripped general inflation and the cost of the service takes an ever greater proportion of national income. With thousands of UK and international medical charities funding pioneering research, […]

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What really matters….

In global terms the current European chaos is little more than a side-show. Whether Britain leaves or remains pales into insignificance when look at the ‘big cogs’ of world evolution. Life expectancy worldwide has increased by 50% in the last 50 years according to the UN and, as a result, the global population has increased […]

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Harsh Judgement

Did you notice in the final few days of the recent election that a whole new class of argument emerged? One I believe was a major contributor to the unexpected Conservative victory.

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Manifesto for the Future

During the current outbreak of election fever I have been heartened to see that some of those standing for election are, at long last, starting to mention some of big issues that we UK voters – and the rest of the world – must eventually face. Any party brave enough to start the discussion will […]

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