Understanding Living Longer

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A gift worth having….

When Bismark created the world’s first state pension scheme in the 1880s he never expected to pay out – it was simply a creative (and seemingly popular) tax raising exercise. Life expectancy in Germany at the time was 48, so 65 was selected for benefit payments to start, thus ensuring there were few, if any, […]

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Playing the odds

While the focus of EML’s research is understanding living longer it is important to say that, at an individual level, life remains a lottery and there are no guarantees. Most of the change we describe reflect a change of expectation. Be it pension funds ‘expecting’ their members to be around longer, the Health Service expecting […]

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The Elephant in the Room

I was recently a guest at a STEMX award ceremony (they are the folks who encourage young people into careers in science and technology). It was an inspiring venue with the awards being presented by local dignitaries, resplendent in their chains of office. The messages too were upbeat and encouraging – you’re wanted, you’re needed […]

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Your Real Retirement Age

For over a century age 65 was considered the ‘normal’ state retirement age. It is only recently that governments around the world have dared to even contemplate an increase. But why 65 and why the pressing need to change? Bismark gave the world the first State Pension in the 1880s and he selected 65 as […]

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