Key Benefits

  • John is a project manager with a track record of success in a variety of different sectors
  • Flexible timing – determined by your project needs so you only pay for the time spent
  • Through EML John has access to a fully equipped modern office facilities offering full digital contact, email, Skype, telephone conferencing
  • 10 years experience across different market sectors
  • International experience working in multinational environments
  • Access to a network of specialist skills

What You Get

A dedicated person to deliver your project

How: It always starts with a discussion. Our goal is to ensure we understand what is required and to test, assess and evaluate the brief to be sure we can deliver

Flexibility and efficiency

Someone with experience together with relevant knowledge, skill, ability to deliver. Add to this the flexibility to spend only as much time as is needed.

How: By combining our research work with a portfolio of projects we are able to balance the time spent on your project with other work.

Access to a wide network of support

How: A network of trusted contacts built up over 10 years. If your project requires specialist skills I can help find them

What's Involved

Over the last 10 years I have worked on a variety of assignments in both the public and private sector in the UK and internationally. Projects include drafting a consolidated response to a government proposal, designing a regional sales development programme, defending a spurious damages claim and launching a £100m start-up business.


EML have fully equipped offices from which to progress your project. Once the project brief is agreed and face to face meetings completed, research and follow up discussions can be undertaken remotely saving time and money.


EML charge a daily rate based on an 8 hour working day. Travel and subsistence are charged at cost.

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