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Learning from history

As a rule the human race is not great at learning from history.  We often are reluctant to learn from others – either because we don’t want to or we wait until it’s too late.  Speak to any doctor, they spend half their day telling patients to look after their health and the other half […]

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Embracing change

Did you see the recent press report saying that young UK people (aged 16 – 24) are spending an average of 7 hours a day on their smart phones.  The article included the normal backlash from so called ‘behavioural experts’ saying how bad this is for those involved and that their world is going down […]

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Don’t Panic….

Until recently much of the demand for EML’s services has come from that privileged sector – those with a gold-plated pension scheme.  They are the ones with significant wealth who often toy-with the idea of ‘doing something’ yet, according to a leading wealth planner, in over 80% of cases they eventually decide to ‘do nothing’ and […]

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The dramatic increase in global human life expectancy has brought unprecedented change to all our lives the ‘conventions’ we once  expected to shape our lives have vanished – seemingly overnight The ‘rules’ we set ourselves as a guide through life  might now be pushing us in the wrong direction Those we have once respected for […]

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Tackling the bigger question?

One challenge faced when coaching clients through life’s second big transition (the move on from full time employment) is addressing the bigger question.  Why?   For decades the demands of job, mortgage, family and debt have set personal agendas and there has been little choice but to keep your head down and work through it.  […]

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